If you are excited about photography, you probably know a lot of the features that you are looking for in a great point-and-shoot camera. A digital camera that you can take with you anywhere should be sleek and compact without sacrificing the ability to take stunning pictures and the ability to view your pictures in detail right on the spot. When it comes to taking the photos that you want, having the right range of optical and digital zoom is so vital; it controls how close you can get to your subject and what details you can focus on. On top of that, a great camera compensates for most movement while the picture is being taken, offering image stabilization that makes it easier to take photos while you’re walking or on the road. When you’re in a rush or not in the mood to decide on the right programed setting for your subject, it’s also ideal for the camera to take the shot for you, selecting the very best setting to get you the results you crave from your photos.

The Canon Powershot ELPH 180 has all of these features along with a plethora of equipment to help you set up that perfect shot. When you invest in a Canon Powershot ELPH 180, it’s a smart choice to also buy the accessory bundle that makes photography a dream. The camera itself comes with all of the features that we just talked about, and on top of that you can count on a long-lasting lithium-ion battery pack that will last you for hours and hours on ECO mode, along with a fast-acting charger. Combine that with a comfortable wrist-strap and a 1-year limited warranty and you are sure to have a camera that lasts.

When you have all these basics, adding an accessory pack gives you even more awesome things to use in your question for photography that you love. Never worry about space with a high-speed SDHC memory card with 32 gigs of memory where you can keep a huge number of photos, and you can keep your spares safe in a memory card wallet. When it’s time to download those pics, it’s easy to do it onto any device with a quality card reader that allows you to integrate with desktop computers, laptops and more. Keep your camera viewing screen clean with a screen protector and padded camera case. Get your ideal camera and useful accessory pack today!