There are a lot of ways to preserve special memories and moments in our past so that we can hold onto them forever. Sometimes it’s a memento of an occasion, like dried flowers from your wedding bouquet. Other times it’s something to remind you of someone important to you, like a piece of your first child’s first baby blanket or your grandmother’s favorite necklace. And occasionally it’s a souvenir from a place you would like to remember, like a seashell from a magical beach or a trinket from a gift shop from your favorite zoo from your childhood. There are many ways to preserve memories in a powerful way, but probably one of the best ways to capture a memory is through photography. Whether you enjoy carrying your DSLR with you to special occasions or are just searching for a point-and-shoot camera that you can tuck into your pocket or purse before you head out the door, you can find digital cameras for sale online for great prices.

Whether you are a devoted photographer or you are picking out your very first camera from the whole slew of simple digital cameras for sale online, there are some basic features that you should look for in a great camera. First, resolution is very important; you can choose anything from two mega-pixel resolution to eight mega-pixels and beyond. The higher the number of mega-pixels, the sharper and more detailed your pictures will be. If lighting is a concern of yours, like if you know you will be taking pictures of family, friends or flowers in the evening, then don’t neglect considering the size of your aperture; the bigger your aperture, the less light you need for a great shot. It’s also important to look at the lens zoom range of any camera you are considering. The optical zoom is what allows you to get closer to your subject without actually stepping closer, which is important when you are taking shots from far away or are trying to make something very small appear very large.

On top of these vital features, be sure to consider what kinds of software the camera comes with. If you’re looking for the perfect point-and-shoot, look for a camera that will automatically compensate for low lighting, for a moving subject, for camera movement and other variables. Preserve your favorite memories with quality photos that you can treasure for a lifetime.